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#6/2021:Tire Health Monitoring

"Knowing in advance the conditions of our tires will help us to keep our highest standards of safety as well as reducing fuel & maintenance costs."

Pitch: done

#5/2021:Cylinder Count at Customers' Locations

"We at Linde Mexico are looking for start-ups that provide cost-effective computer vision solutions which can take the challenge of mapping and determining the number of cylinders at our customer's site – potentially thousands of locations."

Pitch: done

#4/2021:Trailer Volume Monitoring in Real-Time

"(...) We are looking for a non-invasive monitoring solution that would track in real-time liquid gas load trailers (O2, N2, Argon, CO2) which would measure product losses and provide analytics and intelligence to our on-board computer system (PraBord)."

Pitch: done

#3/2021:Logistics Contractor Management Tool

"The vast majority of Linde's bulk and packaged-gases businesses rely on professional third-party logistics companies to deliver the gases to our customers on our behalf. For the onboarding and management of these professional contractors, we are looking for an easy-to-use Contractor Management Tool. (...)"

Pitch: done

#2/2021:Fast and efficient lead-time prediction in silicon wafer production

"Infineon is looking for solutions that predict lead times automatically, accurately and fast leveraging a huge amount of historical MES data (SQL DB)."

Pitch: done

#1/2021: Smart Product Database

"(...) We are looking for an automated solution that helps us to manage all the product related information (text, pics etc.) incl. template management and approval workflow and pushing it to webshops, websites, ERP and communication collaterals."

Pitch: done


#4/2020: Intelligent Sales Leads  

"One of our major tasks is to continuously identify new leads, qualify them, and create real opportunities. We are looking for an innovative solution that helps our sales teams to shorten the lead qualification time and to predict the new lead market trends."

Pitch happened on 12th March 2021 to Talents and Communications Director (also in charge of Customer Relations) at White Martins (Brazil)

#3/2020: Alternative Project Financing

"(...) We are searching for FinTech startups enabling our clients to identify alternative financing solutions when classical means of project financing are not applicable."

Pitch happened on 27th November 2020 to Head of Business Development and Sales Air Separation Unit (Linde Engineering)

#2/2020: Customer Service Engineer Optimization

"In the region Europe East appr. 250 customer service engineers are helping our customers to design, build and supervise the installation of bulk gas tanks. (...)"

Pitch happened on 4th December 2020 to Head of Operations, Region European East (Linde)

#1/2020: Global Procurement

"We at Linde Engineering - Global Procurement are searching for innovative digital solutions (technologies and/ or services) for our project business generating value in the fields of procurement and supply chain management of capital equipment for the construction of large-scale process plants (...)"

Pitch happened on 27th November 2020 to Head of Material Group Static Equipment (Linde Engineering)

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Haik Mehmke

Haik Mehmke

Head of Partnerships, Linde.Digital

Dr. Mathias Mostertz

Dr. Mathias Mostertz

Head of NewBizDev, Linde.Digital 


This program targets leading-edge start-up solutions which fit the above challenges. The challenges are sourced directly from the local Linde businesses across the world. Upon application, Linde will select startups for each challenge - who will pitch their product in front of the responsible senior decision-maker - and select one to execute a project immediately to verify its value.

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