No Accelerator, No Pizza, No Frills SHORTCUT series

Pitch your start-up solution straight to a Linde senior decision-maker solving a business problem (no accelerator, no pizza, no frills)

#4/2020: Intelligent Sales Leads  

"With approx. 150 sales reps at White Martins (a brand of Linde plc) in Brazil, we have a strong relationship with our customers in all market segments such as Healthcare, Home Care, Food and Beverage, Metal Mechanic and many others. One of their major tasks is to continuously identify new leads, qualify them and create real opportunities. Today we use a variety of data which - if aggregated manually - consumes a lot of time. Part of the data is “human” information/referrals from the sales reps but also digital data such as existing 3rd party providers, internal lead lists, public tenders and media releases. We are looking for an innovative solution that helps our sales teams to aggregate and augment the existing lead data, analyzes them, and automatically classifies them in order to shorten the lead qualification time and to predict the new lead market trends." 

Cristina Fernandes

Talents and Communications Director, also in charge of Customer Relations


Closing Date: 15th January 2021 (New) 22nd January 2021

Pitch: 11th February 2021 (TBC)

#3/2020: Alternative Project Financing

"Linde customers with a high demand for industrial gases can choose between two options: (a) Linde Engineering builds and Linde Gas owns and operates the industrial gas production unit (i.e. financing of the plant by Linde) and selling the gases to the customer or (b) customers buy the industrial production unit from Linde Engineering and own/operate it by themselves. In these cases, our customers finance the investment themselves (from their own cash flow or from loans, etc.). For option (b) we are also supporting our customers in identifying financing solutions for these capital-intensive projects (which ideally provide ourselves with suitable security against the risk of non-payment). However, classical bank-based financing can be very expensive and is not always easily accessible to our customers (e.g. in Russia). Also, a huge number of projects are too small (< 20mio EUR) to benefit from ECA schemes such as Euler Hermes. We are searching for FinTech startups enabling our clients to identify alternative financing solutions when classical means of project financing are not applicable.” 

Uwe Kuschel

Head of Business Development and Sales Air Separation Unit


Closing Date: 22nd January 2021

Pitch: 29th January 2021

(EXPIRED) #1/2020 Global Procurement

"We at Linde Engineering - Global Procurement are searching for innovative digital solutions (technologies and/ or services) for our project business generating value in the fields of procurement and supply chain management of capital equipment for the construction of large-scale process plants (...)" 

Pitch happened on 27th November 2020 to Head of Material Group Static Equipment (Linde Engineering)

(EXPIRED) #2/2020 Customer Service Engineer Optimization

"In the region Europe East appr. 250 customer service engineers are helping our customers to design, build and supervise the installation of bulk gas tanks. (...).

Pitch happened on 4th December 2020 to Head of Operations, Region European East (Linde plc)

Even more challenges coming soon.

The shortcut series targets leading-edge start-ups solutions to fit Linde business challenges on an ongoing basis. More business challenges sourced directly from senior decision makers from different regions at Linde will be added gradually - and there are already a few on their way to be displayed here. No challenge for you yet? Subscribe to receive e-mail updates!

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Haik Mehmke

Haik Mehmke

Head of Partnerships, Linde.Digital

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Dr. Mathias Mostertz

Dr. Mathias Mostertz

Head of NewBizDev, Linde.Digital 

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This program targets leading-edge start-up solutions which fit to the above challenges. The challenges are sourced directly from the local Linde businesses across the world. Upon application, Linde will select startups for each challenge - which will pitch their product in front of the responsible senior decision maker - and may select one to execute a project immediately to verify its value.

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