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#5/2021: Cylinder Count at Customers' Locations

Some of the gases provided by Linde are kept in packages (cylinders) which are delivered and stored in many of Linde's own customer locations to be used at their discretion. In other words, a typical customer will have multiple cylinders of different volumes (often with different gases) in a storage space at their own premises with their own consumption control. When customers understand they are running out of gas, they contact Linde to exchange their empty cylinders for filled cylinders. We at Linde Mexico are looking for start-ups that provide cost-effective computer vision solutions which can take the challenge of mapping and determining the number of cylinders at our customer's site – potentially thousands of locations. The challenge relies on using object image recognition of cylinders in small and large quantities and locations in different conditions, such as bad lighting, uneven surfaces, and small spaces. Subsequently, we expect you to support the business to (a) incorporate data into logistics planning, (b) together with us, validate benefits by established KPIs and (c) potentially work together ideas for scaling up the deployment across customers thinking about maintenance and privacy and security concerns. 

Hector Cuellar

Operational Excellence Packaged Gases Manager at Linde Mexico


Closing Date:  August 3rd, 2021

Pitch:  August 5th, 2021

#4/2021: Trailer Volume Monitoring in Real-Time

At White Martins in Brazil, we have a fleet of over 700 trucks and trailers, delivering atmospheric gases to 4500+ customers. As a consequence, there is naturally a challenge to maintain the highest quality level procedure while filling our customers' tanks on-site which is due to different filling processes, performances, and optimized delivery schedules. As an example, we face product losses due to different processes in the filling procedure as well as due to different physical properties, as in differences in trailer insulation where vacuum losses cannot be easily determined. In that sense, knowing exactly the quantity of product in the vehicles and the interface of this information with planning would help to create a loss profile by equipment, distance, time, and quantity of discharges. We have analog instrumentation available to measure pressure, temperature, and, on the load/offload of trailers, weight. At the very end, we are looking for a non-invasive monitoring solution that would track in real-time liquid gas load trailers (O2, N2, Argon, CO2) which would measure product losses and provide analytics and intelligence to our on-board computer system (PraBord). 

Marcos Guimaraes

South America Operations Director at White Martins (a brand of Linde)


Closing Date:  CLOSED

Pitch:  DONE - Deals on the making

#3/2021: Logistics Contractor Management Tool

The vast majority of Linde's bulk and packaged-gases businesses rely on professional third-party logistics companies to deliver the gases to our customers on our behalf. For the onboarding and management of these professional contractors, we are looking for an easy-to-use Contractor Management Tool. The tool needs to cover the 3 stages in a contracts life:
1. Pre-contract activity – creating the tender documents and target costings. Managing the submissions from contractors and benchmarking them against their competitors in the tenders and our existing contracts for scenario modeling.
2. Contract – translating the detailed costings we have agreed with the winning contractor into a useable contract matrix that will be used to cost the contractor’s activity.
3. Contract management – help to analyze and interrogate additional costs coming from contractors which are outside the agreed matrix. This could be tolls, nights out for drivers, ferry costs etc.

Dragan Bjelica

Head of Transport Management, Linde Germany


Closing Date:  CLOSED

Pitch: DONE - Deals on the making

#2/2021: Fast and efficient lead-time prediction in silicon wafer production

Industrial gases are produced and filled batch-wise into cylinders at filling plants based on customer’s demands. Also, other industries require a parallel campaign-mode to produce demand-driven product batches - such as semiconductors. Therefore, Linde is supporting a business challenge of its valued customer Infineon in the field of production & operations.

"Infineon has a varied product portfolio with hundreds of different semiconductor products. The fabrication of each product involves a huge number of process steps. The launch of product batches is demand-driven and products have to leave Infineon's factories in time. Different product batches run through the factory in parallel and use the same production equipment (Workshop production concept). Infineon is looking for solutions that predict lead times automatically, accurately and fast leveraging a huge amount of historical MES data (SQL DB)."

Walter Laure

Lead Principal WIP Flow Management, Infineon Technologies


Closing Date: CLOSED

Pitch:  DONE - Deals on the making

#1/2021: Smart Product Database  

"With several thousand products, Linde Gas is serving customers across many industries. These products comprise  gases and  hardgoods (such as valves or fittings from external OEMs). Linde needs to maintain various data for each single product, such as product and technical descriptions, pictures and related documents. The format of these documents require a specific layout and the data need to be updated on a regular basis in multiple languages. Today, the update of this data requires a high manual effort, especially ensuring the availability at different customer touchpoints, i.e. webshops, websites, catalogues and other marketing collaterals. We are looking for an automated solution that helps us to manage all this product related information (text, pics etc.) incl. template management and approval workflow and pushing it to webshops, websites, ERP and communication collaterals. Access for external parties to update document data is a plus." 

Roos Wolfensberger

Head of Cylinder Product & Tender Mgmt Region Europe West at Linde


Closing Date: CLOSED

Pitch: DONE

(DONE) #4/2020 Intelligent Sales Leads  

"One of our major tasks is to continuously identify new leads, qualify them, and create real opportunities. We are looking for an innovative solution that helps our sales teams to shorten the lead qualification time and to predict the new lead market trends." 

Pitch happened on 12th March 2021 to Talents and Communications Director (also in charge of Customer Relations) at White Martins (Brazil)

(DONE) #3/2020 Alternative Project Financing

"(...) We are searching for FinTech startups enabling our clients to identify alternative financing solutions when classical means of project financing are not applicable.”

Pitch happened on 27th November 2020 to Head of Business Development and Sales Air Separation Unit (Linde Engineering)

(DONE) #2/2020 Customer Service Engineer Optimization

"In the region Europe East appr. 250 customer service engineers are helping our customers to design, build and supervise the installation of bulk gas tanks. (...).

Pitch happened on 4th December 2020 to Head of Operations, Region European East (Linde)

(DONE) #1/2020 Global Procurement

"We at Linde Engineering - Global Procurement are searching for innovative digital solutions (technologies and/ or services) for our project business generating value in the fields of procurement and supply chain management of capital equipment for the construction of large-scale process plants (...)" 

Pitch happened on 27th November 2020 to Head of Material Group Static Equipment (Linde Engineering)

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